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Time for Some Actual Housekeeping

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

So the girl whose apartment I rent called me while I was on vacation, wanting a favor. Would it be possible, she wondered, to sleep overnight at the apartment — with four friends? Sure, I said, deep in my relaxed vacation chillout state.

Except now that state’s gone, chased away by a Wednesday that had me walking a total of 10.5 miles. (Yes, I calculated.) Starting from my court date* downtown, up to an impromptu Evanston site visit in the early afternoon, through to a scheduled equipment swap on Fullerton that ran long, I left my place at 8 and didn’t return (save for a 7 minute lunch) until after 11.

Now my feet have blisters, my back’s fucked, and though I’d just as soon close the curtains and sleep until next Tuesday, she called again to confirm her arrival tomorrow, this time adding a new wrinkle: she’ll be here with crew at 8am!

Which means I should probably spend tonight cleaning and piling my junk in the closet. Wheee….

* Went like butter. Showed up for my 9am at 8:50, court started at 9:05, was out on the street at 9:16. He didn’t show, so my ticket was dismissed.


Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Eek, it’s getting a little dusty around here so let’s try to clear away the cobwebs.

First, I just got back from a nice weeklong vacation (yes, it was Lake Geneva, WI, Matt) which I very much enjoyed despite the paucity of Internet connection options. But then, I’m used to that since I still don’t have any internet in the apartment.

I returned from vacation to face a fairly busy week: tomorrow is the “court date” to which I’ve been alluding in the sidebar, but it’s not so dramatic as people think. (Basically, I’m contesting a ticket.) This will give me the opportunity to a) ride the El during rush hour, b) arrive at court at 9am, to be called at an unknown time, and of course c) experience the judicial system in all its heady, dramatized glory.

What fun.

In about a week it will be September, and that will bring with it yet another move, as my summer sublet term is coming to a close. Thus I’ll be spending the rest of the week poking around various alternatives around here and possibly downtown. (Even, perhaps, another town?)

Throw in some on-site installs (Wed night), client lunches (Fri and perhaps Thu) and the fact that I’m kinda-sorta-quasi-dating now, and it all adds up to what (for me, at least) is some pretty active stuff.

So that’s the update for the moment. Oh, and: Mr. Moore, thanks for checking in; Joel, I haven’t yet had the time to see Advise & Consent, but I’ll let you know. (And your sister sounded pretty cool on YouTube.)