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Now It Can Be Told

Monday, May 17th, 2004

Now that 13th May has passed, I can reveal the news: I’m back in Sydney again. I flew here on the 30th of April, a fact which I kept from this site because my friend Jesse was due to come down and I wanted to surprise him.

If his face was any indication, that mission was a success. Good thing, too, because otherwise meeting his (6:05a) plane would have really been a bummer. But it was well worth it, and I got an opportunity to show him around the city a little bit, including a nice lunch (which opened with Sydney rock oysters, natch) just across the harbour from the Opera House.

Before meeting Jesse, I spent some time in Melbourne, which was not terribly noteworthy, save for the Australian production of The Producers, for which Simon scored tickets. (Mel Brooks is hilarious.) Other than that, the time was basically spent in the suite, computing anyway.

Anyway, this is a lame entry, I know, but I’m a bit out of practice — not to mention doing some fairly boring things of late. Though tonight should be good, because I’m going to the quiz with Simon, Keef, Phil, Jesse and Cath. I’ll let you know how we go.


Sunday, May 16th, 2004

Brad Pitt is an unholy sex god.

That is all.

P.S. The boys next to me held hands — and had wedding rings! How cute. Yay Sydney.