Voter fraud? Please.

Registration fraud does not equal voter fraud. (So “Mickey Mouse” registered. How’s that going to affect an election?) And all this ACORN whining? Give me a break.

One Response to “Voter fraud? Please.”

  1. JC Says:

    But the real story here is the poor guys actually called Micky Mouse, Donald Duck etc who go to register to vote and their applications are chucked out as fraudulent.

    Reminds me of the case in the UK when a guy whose name was James Bond (come on if your surname was Bond and you had a son you’d be tempted wouldn’t you?) was stopped for speeding by the police. When asked his name he told them it was James Bond and was promptly taken into custody for giving false details to the police. He spent a night in the cells being asked regularly for his real name and him desperately trying to explain that he really was called James Bond. The next day his wife turned up with documentation to prove he really was called James Bond and he was released with a reminder to carry appropriate documentation.

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