Make-Believe Maverick

Long, but illuminating: Rolling Stone on John McCain.

7 Responses to “Make-Believe Maverick”

  1. mjg Says:

    Love the cartoon on the cover by the way, as well as what seems to be an economy-inspired frugality with your latest postings.

  2. Joel Says:

    Damn. Look, I’m not planning to vote for McCain for a variety of reasons, but that article is harsh. Compare it to the New Yorker article wherein Cindy McCain’s wacky adventures with pills and marrying an absentee studmuffin are also (but more gently) recounted. Heck, read Rolling Stone’s take on how awesome McCain was just eight years ago. The same historical events are discussed (Did you know McCain was a POW in Viet Nam, for example?) but they didn’t have to paint a Snidely Whiplash moustache on the the old guy.

    Anyway, Obama for president.

    PS to JSP: Can a brother get a Preview Comment? I fear my old-school HTML is all over the place.

  3. jsp Says:

    Matt: That’s a new type of post I’m doing, “asides.” Looking to add a little more frequency around here.

    Joel: Alas, that profile was pre-Palin (and post-Wallace, unfortunately.) And: live preview now active. Ask and ye shall..

  4. jsp Says:

    OK, let me fix my phrasing: the new profile was post-Palin and post-Wallace. Both of which contribute to the change in tone.

    You guys voting for Franken? I would if I were in MN.

  5. mjg Says:

    ‘I would if I were in MN’ applies here as well. It seems my regular flow of absentee ballots has run dry, so I guess I’m a casual observer for this one. Shame that. On the bright side, I’m totally digging this preview thing – it’s good fun. Check out my latest hobby: bloppity. I’ve been working through the episodes one by one – can’t believe they’re all on there! Greatest discovery ever. I love on-demand telly.

    Joel – totally agree about the harshness thing. And while we’re on old-school references, your html chat reminded me of seeing Henry Rollins at Stephens Auditorium, when he pondered about how if someone didn’t have their shit together, that person must therefore have their shit all over the place (to paraphrase quite a bit). Good times.

    And thinking of Henry Rollins has put me into storytelling mode. I just found out, along with all of my neighbours, that the person living below me is named Mary. My first thought was that she lived across the street, but I looked out the window, as that’s where the sound seems to be coming from, and there wasn’t much party activity over there; same again for the apartment block to our south. It wasn’t until I put my ear to the floor that I found the source of all that terrible music. The last song was American Boy, and the current one I don’t recognise, but they of course know the lyrics by heart. So how do I know her name is Mary? Yup, it’s her birthday, and they all know the lyrics to that song too.

    I think the issue here is that single-paned windows are worthless when it comes to sound insulation. The walls and floors may be paper thin, but the windows are downright cellophane.

    Now we’re on to “Ain’t no mountain high enough….” Ugh.

  6. Joel Says:

    RE: voting for Franken

    Well, yeah, he’s way better than the alternative. Wade and I actually had him on our late, kickass public access TV show a few years back. He struck me as a man who had an incredible grasp on the issues, and that made me want him as Senator, but I worried that his biggest problem would be convincing voters that he wouldn’t suck. His proud history of playing the Stuart Smalley character wouldn’t help him as much as the Gipper’s extensive filmography. And Franken had a huge uphill battle. The latest polls look better for him, so maybe he’ll get the win. He certainly has a chance.

    Another guy we had on our show was Elwyn “Call me El” Tinklenberg. He’s been a local politician for a while. His shot for a Congressional seat finally came back around, and he’s been running against the Palin-like incumbent Michelle Bachman, recently seen telling Chris Matthews that other members of Congress should be investigated for un-American activities. Since Bachman opened her mouth, donations have been pouring in for El! So I have a good feeling about the upcoming election. This has been your local Minnesota politics fix.

    Matt, now that you know Mary’s name, you totally should’ve crashed her party and maybe given her a birthday spanking. They have those in England, don’t they? And if they don’t you can introduce the custom.

  7. JC Says:

    Must admit the comments on his record as a POW in Vietnam seem pretty harsh. OK he may not have done any better than any other POW and worse than some but let’s be honest being a POW and bayoneted in the ankles and groin and being beaten half to death is a less than pleasant experience (well unless your Max Mosley, joke for the english guys there). As such coming out of it as McCain did seems a pretty shoddy way to attack him.

    This is especially true when there is so much more to attack him on. For example what the bloody hell is up with all this Joe the Plumber stuff? So one average member of the Joe public says he has some concerns over Obama. This then seems to have become focal point for the McCain/Palin campaign. It seems a very flimsy attack on Obama (who I’m sure could produce a string of small business owners who support him) and a fairly good example of negative campaigning.

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