View from the balcony of my resort; feet up on the railing

8 Responses to “Aloha”

  1. Josh Says:

    Not too bad. If you happen to see “Dog the Bounty Hunter” tell him I say “What up.”

  2. Everyone's FAVORITE Perkins! Says:

    Does it bother you that nobody likes you?

  3. john Says:

    i heart palm trees! make sure to wear sunscreen.

  4. Keef Says:

    The view from my window at work is fairly similar.

  5. Joel Says:

    “It really looks like Hawaii here.”

  6. JC Says:

    I would love to see the meeting between Big Bad John and the Big Bad Dog

  7. jsp Says:

    Josh & JC: if I see “Dog”, I will totally buy him a beer and lecture him on the wonders of diversity. OK, actually I’ll probably head the other direction…

    Jennifer: Oh c’mon, you’ve already been to Hawaii!

    John: Too late! I mean, I did/am, but I’m already burn from the convertible.

    Keef: You should totally take a picture of your view.

    Joel: Ah, the last good Adam Sandler movie. Except for Click, of course…

  8. The Boy Saunders Says:

    Gotta love the precise nature of the tooltip for your photo – “View from the balcony of my resort; feet up on the railing”.

    I’m shocked you didn’t go for the more eloquent: “Haha, screw all you guys stuck at work. My wrinkly heels and I rule!”

    (If you sense slight resentment in my tone… I’m working overtime again.)

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