On Work, in English and Otherwise

Yep, sucking at the updates again. Go me! At least this time, I have a fairly good excuse: I’ve been just swamped with stuff for a new client. For example, I went to bed at 7a this morning, after rising at 10a (!) on Sunday, because I have been totally putting in the hours. Since this project is being billed by the hour, yay me.

Speaking of hourly work, I noticed something interesting on the walk to the bank today. There’s a take-out pizza joint a block from here, and they’ve put up three signs in the windows, each of which reads simply “Estamos empleando.” I asked, and this means: help wanted.

Now, for a bit of context, I would point out that I am not living in an especially Hispanic part of Chicago — not as far as I know, anyway. There certainly aren’t a bunch of billboards in Spanish as there in certain other parts of the city.

So why not put the sign in English, or perhaps both languages? I think two explanations are most likely. One, the owner/manager/hiring person has a personal preference/bias for Spanish-speakers, for whatever reason. That’s possible; I don’t know. Either that or, two, they don’t think English-speakers would even bother to apply.

I don’t know their motivation, but I do know I was in that place awhile ago and saw a worker leave with a pay stub. He had a girl waiting, and as he left the back he glanced at his stub and said to her: “Ouch. $70 for 12 hours.”

“Ouch” is right. That hurts no matter what language you speak.

6 Responses to “On Work, in English and Otherwise”

  1. The Big Tipping Mr. Pech Says:

    As a subject near to my heart, all I have to say is: TIP THE PIZZA GUY YOU CHEAP FUCKERS. Seriously the pizza guy has to be able to drive, and is probably driving his own car, and burning his own gas. Also tip regular waitstaff well, it’s a crap job, and they need the money.

  2. The youngest one Says:

    Yeah! And tip bike messengers too!!

    I’ll attest to the whole “I’m John, I’m really busy, la la la” thing. He has been super busy and he needs props for it.


  3. The Initial Mr. Pech Says:

    It amuses me that you signed off with JP, there must be a dozen people that regularly read this with those initials.


  4. jsp Says:

    They’re good initials! Also when I first glanced at your initial comment, I thought it said “The Big Pimping Mr. Pech.” Which amused me.


  5. Go My Brother! Says:

    They are DAMN good initials. I know that I enjoy them.


  6. Joel Says:

    They’re ok.


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