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IMDb is looking to hire. Since they’re an Amazon subsidiary, clicking the jobs link will take you to the Amazon page. There you’ll find this:

2-Pizza Team Leader – Personalization and Site Automation, #04-011898
The data mining and personalization team at Amazon develops the algorithms and website features that help drive customers to the website, and helps them find highly relevant products[…] Join us and innovate in earth’s largest experimental laboratory.

Two observations. One, I like that they think of themselves as experimental. Amazon has been leading the charge in e-commerce, and I hope they do keep innovating. But the interesting thing is that job title: a “2-Pizza Team Leader”? What’s that? Well, as it happens, I read an interview with Jeff Bezos a few months ago and I recall his explanation: if you can’t feed a team with two pizzas, then it’s too large.

Nice to see he wasn’t kidding. Of course, if I were working there it would mean I’d have to be on a team with maybe 2 other people, provided at least one of them had a big lunch.

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