Mac and Novak

So, somebody/ies leaked the details of the Mac mini and the iPod shuffle to gossip sites. Apple sued. On Thursday, a California judge tentatively ruled that Apple can demand the names of the source(s).

Apple’s being pretty aggressive on this one. Maybe we should sic them on Novak and finally get some answers. (It’s now been 20 months since the Plame affair began.)

(Bonus weirdness, from the top link:

Judge James Kleinberg tentatively declined to extend to the Web sites the protections of the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment and the California Shield Law, which is designed to protect journalists from having to divulge the names of sources or supply unpublished materials.

How do you “decline[] to extend” First Amendment protections? “Oh, thanks, fellas, but I’m just not into the whole Bill of Rights. Better luck next time”?)

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