Iceland Troubles

Letter from Iceland: “Holidaymakers and business travellers venturing ’til Útlanda’, as it is called, found their credit cards refused.” That was just 2 weeks after we returned from Iceland. Good thing it didn’t implode while we were there… (A point of comparison: my credit card statement shows a 23 Sep purchase for ISK28,500 as US$301.93. Under two months later, and the conversion is now US$203.04.)

4 Responses to “Iceland Troubles”

  1. JC Says:

    Well Phil’s card was refused anyway and apparently at the exchange rate as it is now I could have afforded to eat all the puffins I want!

  2. JLP Says:

    Can we get some Christmas Spirit Please JSP? Where the hell is the tree? Hope all is well with the whole jury duty thing, go 12 angry men on their asses! Happy Tico!

  3. jsp Says:

    Speaking of puffins, JC, I’ve had a few reminders of you lately.

    At a grocery store:
    Puffins cereal boxes

    At a doctor’s office:
    'No Puffin' anti-smoking sign, with a crossed-out bird w/cigarette

  4. wendy b hall Says:

    I’ve been searching all over for the no puffin signs to post on our wildlife refuge.

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