I’ll Have 18 Popcorn Kernels, Please

One wonders if the people who wrote the AMC Guest Satisfaction Survey have ever… set foot in an AMC theater.

screen capture of survey showing price ranges for concessions starting at $1

What exactly can you get for two bucks? Or for that matter under $3? And what’s the purpose of getting this level of granularity? Hell, anyone who buys a large drink and popcorn is almost over the max all alone.

2 Responses to “I’ll Have 18 Popcorn Kernels, Please”

  1. Joel Says:

    I wonder if you have to max out your concessions spending before they pay attention to the problem you experienced. What was it, BTW?

  2. jsp Says:

    ‘Twas no big deal. I keep earning these AMC free movie tickets, and keep forgetting to use them before they expire. So of course the first time I actually redeemed one, the newbie cashier had no idea how to key it in. Sigh.

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