Grab Bag

Well, here are a few random things I’ve come across in the past week or so that don’t individually merit their own posts, yet amuse me all the same.

Giant Banana Costume for sale
This is from SlickDeals. Good thing I saw it — you never know when you need a good banana costume. (And at that price, you should buy two!)

Google Payments terms fragment
This is from a TechCrunch article about Google Payments (coming soon.) It’s super small, but the last line reads “‘GOOGLE * BLING BLING’ will appear by the charge on your credit card.” I so hope that’s not the store name. I want Google to write that on customer bills…

Craigslist captcha image
This is a “captcha” thrown up by Craigslist when I posted an (item wanted) ad yesterday. Can you read the word? If so, your eyes are better than mine. I had to hit the audio hint to figure it out. (It’s “weedy.”)

article tools sponsored by WATER
Saw this one on the NYT yesterday. I was seriously confused by the concept of water sponsoring anything, much less a newspaper article. Had to click it to find out it’s a film (from the director of Earth and Fire — any guesses on her next title?)

New 'Legal' Performance Pill Hits Market
Finally, there’s nothing I “love” like misplaced quotation marks. Really inspires confidence in the legality of the product, doesn’t it? (Via Slate.)

3 Responses to “Grab Bag”

  1. moogsy queefbone Says:

    how the hell does that say weedy?!

  2. jsp Says:

    Exactly. I was at a loss, unless it was one of those “magic eye” things where you stare at it, then relax your eyes, and it comes into focus….

  3. b Says:

    For the record, I think it was just a bug in their software. If you look at the site now, all the captchas have the same orange evil-eye and black dots, but with a word in the middle.

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