State Your Source

Last night I returned from a bit of a road trip to find an interesting envelope awaiting me. It bore a return address of “IP, Inc.” in North Hollywood, CA and was simply addressed to “J,” with no middle initial, no surname. I’d never seen such a thing.

The contents were equally surprising. Turns out the “IP” is Instinct Publishing, and the pitch was for “Instinct” magazine, a rag for those of the Pink persuasion. (“HELLO!” the letter begins. “You’ve been missing out on the world’s funniest, hottest and most hip gay men’s magazine out there!”)

Ever since I opened the envelope, I’ve been trying to figure out what tipped them off. I’ve racked my brain, and can’t come up with an action that would put me on an exclusively gay mailing list. I’ve never subscribed to a gay magazine (I tend to be unimpressed by them) so the few copies I’ve bought are for cash at the newstand (and I always decline the phone number routine.) I buy gay-themed DVDs the same place I buy almost all my DVDs: Amazon. So yes, Amazon surely knows I’m gay, but they also know my last name.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly care that I’m in somebody’s database somewhere. I’d just like to find out whose… and what I did to get there.

6 Responses to “State Your Source”

  1. Joel Says:

    Have you registered to vote in the last four years?

  2. jsp Says:

    Sure, I’ve been registered since I turned 17.5, with multiple party affiliations*, but how would that factor in?

    * The huge majority of the time, as an indepedent, for a few months, as a Democrat, and for one day, as a Republican. (So I could vote in their primary.)

  3. b Says:

    Maybe it Was all those Ani tickets over the years. 🙂

  4. b Says:

    Hurray for random Capitalization!

  5. Joel Says:

    John said: “Sure, I’ve been registered since I turned 17.5…but how would that factor in?”

    Well, I checked the box that said “MARK HERE IF YOU ARE NOT GAY”, and I’ve never gotten any direct mail from Instinct Publishing. It was right after the part where you say if you want to give a dollar towards next year’s elections…oh, I’m thinking of the income tax form, not the voter registration form. My bad!

  6. Joel Says:

    To paraphrase Brandon: maybe it was all those Ani tickets over the years.

    ‘Tis the question: FAVORITE ANI ALBUM? It was probably that girl who signed you up!

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