Blockbuster: Out to Lunch

Regard the following DVD covers:

Eating Out  Eating Out

The left one is from Blockbuster Online, where it’s listed as “Eating Out [Edited Cover]“. Oddly, this is the only title in all of BbO that carries the “edited cover” designation. It’s not an edited version, mind you, just a different cover. Why they feel the need to edit this particular cover — or really, any at all, considering the store is online and DVDs are shipped in generic white sleeves anyway — is not clear. (This, by the way, is the enlarged version you have to click to see. The version shown in a title list is even smaller.)

The cover on the right — which matches the Amazon version — is from…Blockbuster Online. Except this one, they’re selling.

So, in summary, their policy seeems to be: “this cover is too racy for us to show you, unless you’re thinking of pre-ordering it, in which case here you go.”

One Response to “Blockbuster: Out to Lunch”

  1. Joel Says:

    I’m glad they changed the pink dress on that hussy to a much more conservative lavender.

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