That Must Be a Special ‘Movie Star’ SUV

As [Tom Cruise] left Manhattan’s Essex House Hotel, he was mobbed by a throng of screaming teenage girls, who snapped pictures and asked for his autograph.

Then he joined Holmes in a black AMC Yukon SUV and drove off to tape an appearance on “Entertainment Tonight.”
Scientology query nearly starts War over the Words (emphasis in the original)

2 Responses to “That Must Be a Special ‘Movie Star’ SUV”

  1. awarren Says:

    Ah, the long-forgotten AMC Yukon, American Motors’ long-overdue secret 4×4 version of their seizure-inducing Concord:

    Oh, and Tommy my boy, Psychiatrists > Scientologists. (While we’re at it, Nicole > Penelope > Katie).

  2. john M Says:


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