Don’t Call Me Baby

Here, from that same issue, is a perfect example of what annoys me about the magazines targeted at a gay audience:

Shirtless slightly hairy guy looking at the camera with 'What you want, baby we've got it' headline

The scan/masking job isn’t so great, and I apologize, but I ask you instead to focus on the ad itself: what do you reckon they’re selling?

I’ll update later with the answer.

Update [17:01]: Renamed image file so as not to run afoul of adblockers.

Update [Thu 17:20]: Got your guess? Sadly, Mr. Moore’s right, it could be anything. Take a look and see.

Can you believe that the shirtless, slightly hairy man that promised to have what you want, baby, was selling mortgages? Me neither.

By the way, sorry that took longer than I expected. I was in transit today and actually tried to post from a newly wireless-enabled Iowa rest stop, but I would have had to fill out a registration form and the Sister was ill-pleased as it was.

One Response to “Don’t Call Me Baby”

  1. john M Says:

    i’m in absolute agreement with you, re: the gay mags

    this ad, btw, could be for sun block, a new car, booze, or cologne – so generic, so boring, so predictable

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