Freshly WordPressed

A bit of boring housekeeping: as you may notice, I’ve made a little change here on the site. I’ve finally dumped MovableType for WordPress (and only 8 months after I first mentioned it!) There were plenty of reasons to switch over — the far superior interface, the use of a programming language I can actually stand, and of course the strong open-source commitment of the project.

With a little bit of .htaccess and MySQL wrangling, I was able to ensure that any link to the hundreds of pages I created under MT still works. Also I tried to replicate the previous GUIDs, so hopefully anybody using a feedreader won’t get all the old posts again. However, you will get a bunch…

…because I also imported I got some flak for my decision to start up a second domain for my trip to Oz, and it was fair criticism. Still, I wanted an address I could give out to relatives and new friends that would be, ahhh, grandparent-friendly. That’s now served its purpose, so soon enough I’ll probably re-direct it back here to the flagship, in the new “Travel” category.

Speaking of categories, as you can tell I now have a handful. I never really used that feature in MT, so I’ve been going back and sorting some of my stuff for the first time (which of course requires dipping into the archives, a sometimes entertaining, sometimes cringe-worthy experience.)

Anyway, it all seems to be working so now back to our regular programming.

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