The Kingmaker

Ok, I am currently the #1 result on MSN for Josh Wald. And #2 for sexy-ass pictures. [Update: MSN is a fickle mistress.] So since the clock is running down, let’s just cop out tonight and see if we can’t make good on both.

Here’s Josh again, wearing more than last time:
sexy-ass skater Josh Wald, in jeans from behind

And here’s French rugby player Frederic Michalak:
sexy-ass picture of Frederic Michalak, naked from the side

Apparently the French rugby team shoots this calendar every year in the nude, then they make a book (with a US version) and a movie (US versions: 2004, 2005) about it. What a fucking great tradition. In other news, I’m totally developing a thing for that sort of tattoo. (Remember Brad Pitt’s hand in Ocean’s 11? Niiice….)

I know, I know, I’m turning into some sort of weird amalgam of policy discussion/political rants, technology, and racy images. But what can I say? It’s Val’s Day. Humor me.

P.S. I still think MSN (in general) is poo.

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