If You Can’t Beat ‘Em… Keep Trying

A recent conversation I had with the folks at MBNA, the nation’s largest credit card issuer:

She: How may I help you today?
I: I’d like to cancel my MBNA MasterCard.
She: I’m sorry to hear that, sir. Did you have a reason?
I: Yes.
She: Uh, may I ask what it is?
I: Certainly. In the last 6 election cycles, MBNA and its employees have been the number one campaign donors in the financial sector, always more than 70% to the GOP. Your company gives too much money to Republicans, and I don’t want to be a part of that.
(… l-o-n-g pause …)
I: Hello?
She: Uh, yes I’m still here.
I: There isn’t anything in the script for that, huh?
She: No, no there sure isn’t.
I: Great. Well why don’t you just take care of that cancellation and mail me a confirmation, okay?
She: I’ll do that, sir. Thanks for calling MBNA.

To bypass the menu tree and contact MBNA cancellation directly, dial (800) 336-2974.

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