SAP Suggestions

Anyone else think the Second Audio Program (SAP) service on TV could be better used? Sure, sure, the “SAP en Espanol (where available)” thing is nice, but let’s go further. I suggest:

  • SAP in English (cuando sea disponible). Ever flipped through the channels and stopped at a movie you want to see again, only to discover it’s on Telemundo? Spanish broadcasters could use SAP for the original dialogue, or even translate original programming (not that “Super Sabado Sensacional” can really be conveyed in English…)
  • SAP swearing. Is there anything more annoying than watching movies on TV? Yes: watching movies where the character says “fucking” but on-screen a different voice says “freaking”, complete with weird emphasis. Why not use SAP for the true dialogue? Your kids probably have no idea what the button does anyway.
  • SAP disclaimers. I’m so tired of commercials with tiny disclaimers speeding through the lower third of the screen. Why not devote the SAP to the catch? Then Consumer Reports-type people could figure out the catch without TiVo.

Boy, they should really have let me design the next generation of TV…

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