Happy New Year

Well, here it is 2008 and I haven’t made a new post in months, a fact noted by more than a few of you. I know, I know, I suck.

But really, it’s not like much noteworthy happened to me in the last few months of ’07. Other than:

  • I ended a (quasi-)relationship
  • I turned 30
  • I lost my sole surviving grandparent
  • I went to Australia for a few weeks
  • I split Christmas between 2 states

Hmm, maybe I could have had a word or two to say one some of those items (like the Oz trip, woohoo!) I’ll just have to do better this year…

4 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. John Says:

    Ahhhhh! A post! Me smile now.

  2. moogsy queefbone Says:

    you are so so missed.
    if it wasn’t for a wedding taking first place, you woulda made my year.
    thanks, j.

  3. jsp Says:

    People still read this thing? Shocking. 🙂

  4. Everyone's FAVORITE Perkins! Says:

    So you lost your keys? What is that all about? I am thinking the New Year’s Resolution should be at least one post a week. I am so glad that you are no longer humming DTMYMABH, although some of the Christmas Tunes (come on!) What is this about Iceland and where do I sign up? Oh to have vacation time. Maybe I will just quit and call it my working hiatus. What can ya do? Oh well keep on posting John!

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