Son #1

One of the great joys of Google News, in which “the selection and placement of stories…[a]re determined automatically by a computer program,” is the highlighting of stories (sometimes from fringe sites) occasionally juxtaposed with bizarre images.

Take this story from yesterday, which reported on the supposed difference between IQs of children born first and subsequently:
Google News snapshot

How excellent is that comparison? Alec vs. the crazy one from Threesome? Well played, eCanadaNow, well played.

Of course, they’re old hands at this. Check out this one I grabbed a few months ago…

4 Responses to “Son #1”

  1. The youngest one Says:

    Wa-a-ait a minute… I think I know what you’re trying to say. You mean you’re smarter than Jennifer. I gotcha.

  2. Go My Brother! Says:

    O HELL NO!!!

    I think what he is really trying to get across is how much he aspires to be like Alec Baldwin.

  3. Go My Brother! Says:

    I knew you liked that Colin Firth/Amanda Bynes movie. Honestly, how could you not. The fact that you liked it the same amount as the Hugh Grant/Drew Barrymore movie warms the heart!

  4. jsp Says:

    Definitely the Departed/”30 Rock” Alec Baldwin, not the crazy-with-the-voicemail Alec Baldwin.

    And I’m not sure I saw those movies. I think someone must have hacked my server and put those in.

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