Would You Fire This Man?

The continuing clusterfuck that is this whole U. S. Attorney scandal has been a fascinating look into yet another ugly face of the current administration. And when I say “ugly face”, I’m using metaphor, but others are being a tad literal. Consider this photo of Wisconsin U.S.A. Steven Biskupic (from this J-S article):

Steven Biskupic

You’re telling me that they sent a staff photographer (the photo credit is to “Jack Orton”, no wire service) down to this guy’s office and that’s the best photo they came up with? I shudder to think what didn’t make the cut…

One Response to “Would You Fire This Man?”

  1. mjg Says:

    Harsh. Incidentally, I’m watching ftv right now, and let’s just say they fare much better. Pity the website is featuring men right now….

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