Nice Move

So, Jeff and I have a new apartment, and I’m pretty excited. I might even take some pictures after I move in, to illustrate how I’m going to be making some changes in the ol’ JSP tradition. More on that later.

For now, though, Jeff is holding down the fort because I’m still missing a few staples…such as a mattress. (I just bought a bed yesterday.) That’s important, of course, but there’s something else just as essential (and just as missing): broadband.

Unfortunately, for contractual reasons I can only get the building’s (overpriced) in-house Internet or else DSL. With gritted teeth, I opted for DSL. Supposedly, we’ll be hooked up by Friday, at which point I will be expected to load a CD to complete the installation that will install various craplets and set my default Internet settings to those favored by AT&T and its affiliates.

To which I say: fat chance, friends.

Thanks to Parallels, I can run Windows-in-a-window on my Mac. So I will simply clone my current Windows installation, let the CD do its worst, and then dump that instance right into the trash. The install can phone home all it likes; the Mac is unaffected.

Supremely geeky? You betcha. But it pleases me.

7 Responses to “Nice Move”

  1. Simon Says:

    That’s why I love you John. Stickin it to the man…the tech route.

    Oh and Mr. Phil and his other half have booked plane tickets for their summer visit to Calgary. (7-17 July). Hope you can make a visit.


  2. john Says:

    that? is awesome 🙂

  3. Simon Says:

    Apparently, now Keef has confirmed he too will be here. It’s a renunion on a decent scale.

  4. Heather Says:

    Impressive. And rather sad that all I know how to do is plug in and insert the CD and hope for the best. I just got my wireless to connect to my laptop for the first time since September. Next time I will know who to call and harass about this issue (and then repay with food). How is the new place now that it is up and running?!

  5. jsp Says:

    What up, Heather! The new place is pretty nice, as you’ll see on Saturday. It’s working out pretty well, unlike certain websites which have fallen into a state of neglect…

  6. Favorite Sister!!! Says:

    I am excited to see your place as well. (Hello Heather!)

    I do need more updates on the website though. Come on my brother I have no life and nothing to do with my time. Give me something. Looking forward to crashing on the new couch next week. Much love!

  7. mjg Says:

    John – you do realize that every time we check this website we still see that ugly goon’s mug, don’t you? Ultimate disappointment. And we check this site almost daily, you sadist bastard.

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