A Bush (Product) Endorsement?

I swear just a few seconds ago W said in his press conference “it’s tough when people see carnage on their Dell television screens.”

Dell? Really?

Update [16:24]: Well, that was fast! Glad to see that I’m not alone, at least Kevin has my back (damn, Google is quick.) But alas, the official White House transcript disagrees:

And it’s tough in a time of war when people see carnage on their television screens.

No endorsement of the (Texas-based) (Republican-run) computer maker there. But I fear that’s just another case of a White House staffer wilfully ignoring reality. [7sec MP3]

2 Responses to “A Bush (Product) Endorsement?”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Haha! Holy crap I heard that too, I found this site via Google Blog search.

  2. Kevin Says:

    …searching for “Dell television screens” I should add.

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