I Wish I Could Kiss John Kerry Right Now

Yes, you read the headline right. I’d like to give that ol’ codger some nice sloppy mouth-to-mouth.

I know: eww, right? Except I have a reason: I’ve spent the last 6 days holed up in bed with aggravated Strep throat (or “acute laryngopharyngitis” if you go by my discharge sheet) and knowing that the resulting infection would just shut him the hell up for a few days would please me.

Oh, and you’re voting, right? RIGHT?

2 Responses to “I Wish I Could Kiss John Kerry Right Now”

  1. The Voted Mr. Pech Says:

    Oh no kidding, how did he ever get elected to a national office, he has single handedly destroyed one “national fire a republican” day, and is now working on screwing up one where he isn’t even running, that is a truly special level of stupidity. His ineptitude is simply staggering, it’s positively Bush like.

    Anyway I already voted, I think, it was on an electronic machine with no paper receipt so who knows, especially after the reports out of Texas.

  2. Joel Says:

    You know how, on the Internet, someone makes a spelling error, and someone else goes out of their way to flame the guy, but in his zeal he makes an error of his own, so the entire point is lost? Yeah, there’s an analogy there somewhere.

    Kerry paraphrased: “Bush is dumb. He can’t even talk good!”

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