Creepy Much?

Imagine you’re in charge of the TSA‘s new “registered traveler” program. How would you market it? You’d want to walk a fine line between emphasizing security and sacrificing privacy. You might play up the time savings from providing the government key pieces of personal information, while working to soothe fears of a Big Brother-ish situation.

You might do those things. Or you could just find the creepiest “we take your fingerprints” image you could, slap that on your Web page and call it a day:

One Response to “Creepy Much?”

  1. Simon Says:

    Maybe a more better one could have been a montage:

    Cut to man in Orange Boiler suit blindfolded and chained..caption – “Want to avoid this?”

    Cut to photo of fingerprinting and people searching your luggage… caption – “Then submit to this”

    Thanks for flying American Airways. 🙂

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