Looking Forward to a Good Night (Ripper)

Remember when I said that the mash-up CD “Night Ripper” was blowing my mind? Well, tonight (thanks once again to Josh’s influence) I’ll be able to see Gregg’s work firsthand. He’s headlining at the Empty Bottle, which is a charming little dive.

Should be a good time — I’ll let you know.

2 Responses to “Looking Forward to a Good Night (Ripper)”

  1. -=CX 5uK7ronic=- Says:

    Have you seen this?


    -=CX 5uK7ronic=-

  2. Go My Brother! Says:

    I hope that you are gearing up to put something new on your website for Day of John. I miss my constant updates of what is going on in the mind/world of my brother.

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