You Can’t Do It When You’re the Help

There’s a Home Depot on one of the streets I walk pretty frequently, and there are signs on the exit doors that amuse and puzzle me:
Home Depot sign: if you use drugs, don't bother to apply

The signs are amusing because I find it hard to believe there are many jobs at Home Depot for which being stoned would be a huge impediment. How much of your faculties are really required to haul shit around, anyway?

Granted, I say that as someone who’s never been properly stoned, so let’s move on to the next point: why there? Why is it so important to have this message known that a huge, bold signs are placed on the exterior doors? Wouldn’t a message on the application itself be just as effective?

Also, is this just a Lincoln Park thing, or do they do this at every store? I could almost believe it was national more — seems more like a marketing message, then. (“Hey, shoppers — check out our zero tolerance!”)

In any event: curious.

2 Responses to “You Can’t Do It When You’re the Help”

  1. isuadam Says:

    google these three words: home depot drugs.

    You’ll then know why the lamesauce sign you saw is part of home depot’s national “we don’t like drugs” campaign. They have to get their messages out to the sheeple, after all, so the aforementioned sheeple can forget about having their asses glued to their toilet seats oh never mind that was a hoax.

  2. The Pointy Mr. Pech Says:

    I should point out that if you buy any lumber at Home Depot, they will cut it to size for you using big power saws, not to mention playing with all the other power tools, or driving around the forklifts to get shit down off high shelves, so I would say there really are a number of jobs that would be better done sober at home depot.

    On a tangent what is the worlds fascination with these home improvement stores? I really hate shopping at these stores, because it can mean only one thing, I have to work on or fix something I don’t really want to. If your home needs so much improvement why the hell didn’t you just buy a house you liked?

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