Que es Mariposa?

So I’m checking up on the torrents site, as one does, and I find this interesting title I haven’t seen before: “mariposaHD.” It’s available in HD (720p and 1080i, Windows Media format) and bills itself as “The World’s First HDTV Show for the Internet.” It’s even available in a Creative Commons license, with free online distribution encouraged! Impressive, eh?

Who are these trendsetters, blazing a trail for high tech, flexible copyright, and new distribution models? What stories are they using all this shiny newness to tell?

man with camcorder aimed at woman in bikini

Oh. Right.

3 Responses to “Que es Mariposa?”

  1. chulbert Says:

    It looks like a mortgage ad to me.

  2. jsp Says:

    Ha! Nice.

  3. b Says:

    I watched the first episode of that a few months ago. It’s lots of shots of women in HD, along with random shots of sky and rocks. I’m not sure who thought the rocks were a good idea.

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