Sex Sells (Mortgages?)

Last year, I saw an ad using a (hairy) shirtless man to sell mortgages to gay men.

Last night, I saw this banner ad using a similar approach for het men (imagine it in Flash, with the chick dancing around):
Girl with headphones in bikini top; list of states along right edge

My question: is this the most effective appeal they could create? What was the thinking: “Hey look, it’s a dancing girl in a bikini top — that’ll attract the re-fi market!”

One Response to “Sex Sells (Mortgages?)”

  1. Joel Says:

    Other sexy fiduciary slogans:

    Our competitors’ rates are so high, you can lose your shirt!

    You’ll pay what the lending market can BARE! Midriffic!


    With closing costs so small, it’s statutory.

    and the hard sell:

    It’s a mortgage, bitch: you don’t own a thing! Your relationship with us is the same as this sexy girl (pictured) and her pimp! Now shut up and take the rate we give you!

    Seriously though, that’s a chick? I see the bikini top but that jawline looks like Bono and the breasts look like Fabio’s ample boso–er, pectoral muscles. Maybe I need to see her dancing around.

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