That Was $80 Well Spent

I awoke this morning at my customary hour — at least, I think I did, given that the clock was blinking. Seems we had a power outage this morning. These are not as rare as I’d like, so some time ago I purchased a UPS unit and connected my Mac and Ubuntu machines. Since I tend to have roughly eight billion Firefox tabs open at any given time (have you ever opened so many that they no longer show up? I have), this was a sound decision, but I’m particularly pleased with it today.

You see, I’d left the Linux machine chugging away on a two-pass video transcoding job, reducing a big MPEG-2 video file to a smaller Xvid version. That’s something that takes hours and hours, and you can’t just pick up where you left off after a power loss. So: yay for emergency batteries!

Now I should perhaps investigate this thing known as “backups”…

2 Responses to “That Was $80 Well Spent”

  1. moogsy queefbone Says:

    so does this mean you’re home?

  2. jsp Says:

    Yeah, for the time being — (current plan is I’m off again on Friday.)

    AND CHECK YOUR E-MAIL! At the precise moment my e-mail “dinged” with this comment I was clicking send on a message to you. Great minds, etc. 🙂

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