Well, That Took Awhile

Left Chi at 2:30p on Thursday. (All times Central.)

3:03pm Near as I can tell, this is the first indication you’ve left Illinois:
Indiana exit sign
Pretend it says “Welcome to Indiana.”

Welcome to Kentucky sign

Welcome to Tennessee sign

Fri, 12:04am:
Welcome to Alabama sign

Fri, 5:03am:
Welcome to Florida sign

2 Responses to “Well, That Took Awhile”

  1. awarren Says:

    holy shit!

  2. Your Favorite Sister Says:

    Wow. I am not sure what I am more impressed with, the fact that you drove straight through, or the fact that you took pictures and times of each state as you entered them. Way to be John.

    P.S. Speeding CAN wreck your day!

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