Miller’s Time

As a hardcore movie fan, I’ve seen more than my fair share of “behind-the-scenes featurettes,” and I have to tell you, I am amazed at Hollywood. What a talented, mutually-respectful love-in that must be.

Or at least it seems to be that way, given how in every interview, the star always loves the script, the director’s always a genius, every cinematographer’s a master, etc., etc. Gosh, could it be that they’re acting in those, too?

It’s always been my secret dream that some cast will just lose it and say what they really think: the script’s rubbish, the director a hack, whatever.

I’m not holding my breath.

Maybe I’ll just watch skiing instead. Bode Miller clearly doesn’t have those inhibitions, as anyone who read Newsweek‘s “You Don’t Know Bode” can attest (censorship removed):

“The U.S. skiing folks have really done a lot for me. They put up with me, and I push those fuckers hard. I am a constant pain in their ass about making them do all the shit I think they should be doing anyway. They’ve had to adapt to me just like I’ve adapted to them, and I think they’ve done exceptionally well. Look, a lot of the people involved with the U.S. Ski Team—the people that I’m representing—are unbelievable assholes. Rich, cocky, wicked conceited, super-right-wing Republicans. But because of my morals, my principles, I can’t judge them for that. The things they’ve done for me warrant respect, and I’m trying to pay them back.”

I love this guy.

P.S. Did I mention the RV?

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