That Answers That

A few months ago, I noted that Google Earth obscured the White House roof as well as those of the adjoining buildings. Later, the blurred images where replaced, and the tops can now be seen.

The Times has the story today:

For a brief period, photos of the White House and adjacent buildings that the United States Geological Survey provided to Google Earth showed up with certain details obscured, because the government had decided that showing details like rooftop helicopter landing pads was a security risk. Google has since replaced those images with unaltered photographs of the area taken by Sanborn, a mapping and imagery company, further illustrating the difficulty of trying to control such information.

The Vice President’s Residence/Naval Observatory is still blursville, however…

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  1. Simon Says:

    An article the BBC news website ran a couple of days ago discussed the idea that the US Govt was unhappy with Google Earth because they claimed it allowed Terrorists to plot attacks against the US.

    Not suprised therefore that they have made them blur things.

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