Singapore’s Serious About Smuggling

Just under two years ago, I was in Singapore and wrote this:

True, the arrivals form seemed a tad unsubtle in its boldfaced announcement of DEATH FOR DRUG TRAFFICKERS UNDER SINGAPORE LAW.

I remembered that arrival form today when I heard they executed a man for heroin smuggling.

It’s a weird little city-state, Singapore. Very friendly people, but a government that just does not fuck around.

One Response to “Singapore’s Serious About Smuggling”

  1. moogsy queefbone Says:

    we’ve been hearing so much about australians with drugs getting into trouble overseas lately that i began to grow tired of hearing about it. i mean, if there’s a country with the death penalty for drug smuggling and you actually DON’T want to die, then i would have thought that was enough reason to not do it.
    when it came to about lunchtime today i was thinking about the execution. the guy was smuggling heroin, so i can understand that it’s not a recreational 1 time drug and it does ruin lives.
    i couldn’t help, though, to feel a little bit sad that someone was executed.
    i know it happens all the time and it’s just not in the news, but i just find it so… full on that it can actually be a government policy in this day and age.

    i had to do a debate in college ‘for’ the death penalty, so i understand the rationalisation, but i just hate the fact that we have that power to take life from others.

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