It’s 5°F out right now. With snow on the ground and even a little ice.

I’m so not ready for 5 months of this crap.

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  1. JC Says:

    are you really going to see wrestlemania with Phil next year?

  2. Jennifer Says:


    John, you are going to Wrestlemania. I sooo want to go for the main reason of just watching you. That would be awesome. You will never do it though. I have no idea how cold it is here but it is butt ass cold. Good times had by all. Thanks for V-mars, I will talk to you later. Imagine how much Jeff is loving the coldness.

  3. jsp Says:

    Wow, this topic veered off somewhere else fast.

    Sure, I’d go to Wrestlemania. It certainly wouldn’t be the first crazy-ass freakshow event I’ve attended for pure comedic possibilities. But the question is academic at this point, since Wrestlemania 22: Chicago apparently sold out (in like 2 minutes) last month.

  4. moogsy queefbone Says:

    if you hate the cold it’s about 26 C here today, and that’s some of the colder weather we’ve been having.
    and it’s not even summer yet!

  5. The youngest one Says:

    This morning I awoke to the radio and Mike (my roommate, for those that don’t know):
    Outside it was described as 1 degree when factoring windchill…
    Inside it was described as 52 degrees when factoring our reluctance to turn on the heat…
    Personally, I was 98.6 degrees allll day long. Quit your whinin’ bitches!

    That’s my two pents

  6. Simon Says:

    Well J, Now that I’m both in Canada, and insane (read working in Construction for some reason) I can top you. We had 5F or -15C the other day, and I went out and worked in it.

    Damn it bring me my supply of CFC gas so I can destroy Canada’s ozone layer and turn it into Australia.

  7. jsp Says:

    Yay! A comment from Jeffrey.

    I don’t know, Si, I think it would take a lot more than ozone depletion to truly turn The Great White North into Oz. You’d need Cath, for starters…

  8. moogsy queefbone Says:

    awwww : )

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