The Apprentices Have Much to Learn

Tonight’s episode of “The Apprentice” featured some of the most uncomfortable television I’ve seen in awhile. First “The Donald” asked one of the contestants (age 22) if he’d ever had sex, and if that wasn’t awkward enough, told another that homosexuality was like ordering spaghetti instead of steak — it’s all “a menu.” Creepy.

Neither player got the boot, however, as The Hair opted to cut loose Markus, who had a Kerry-esque talent of using 30 words when 5 would do. He recently put this skill to use on, in which he attempted to rebut his portrayal on the show, episode-by-episode. Somebody prevailed upon him to stop, however, and those pages were pulled. Now his site contains 7 categories, of which 5 are “Coming Soon!”

Markus is not alone here — I found a list of contestant websites, clicked around, and soon found several “coming soon” pages, a whole bunch of Flash, and just generally empty and generic sites. I find that odd. (Well, not the generic part.) The show was filmed months and months ago, so these people had plenty of time to put together Web sites if they wanted to attempt to capitalize on their fleeting fame. Do they seriously expect that anyone will check back in the future for an updated page?

And before anyone claims that as an Internet nerd, I place a higher premium on this than the general public, let me point you to one of Martha’s hopefuls: David Karandish. This guy lists “Search Engine Optimization” and “IT Consulting” as his skills. He actually told Martha that he could greatly improve

So this guy at least must have some clue how to use the Internet, right? Err… not so much. He gets a few points for attempting a blog, but the stock photos? The faith section? The laughably incomplete business section?

I know it’s just a dumb TV show, but seriously: is this the best they could find?

5 Responses to “The Apprentices Have Much to Learn”

  1. The Masterful Mr. Pech Says:

    Dude, how is watching The Apprentice ever in your top 10000 things to do with the next 45 minutes?

  2. Simon Says:

    I’m with he of the ever changing appellation, your voyeurism takes odd forms at times Mr. J.

  3. jsp Says:

    I have no defense. I agree, it’s odd that I tend to watch truly exceptional scripted drama, but also awful “reality” TV, with not much in the middle.

  4. Joel Says:

    Holy crap: Survivor has had 11 seasons?

    How many can you name?

  5. jsp Says:

    How many can you name?

    Not many. I’ve only seen one full season (10, and I forget which one that was) and part of the one with Colby (Outback?), which I think was 2. Similarly, I’ve only seen the full season 3 of “The Apprentice” and the last 4 episodes of the first season.

    On the other hand, I have seen every episode in every season of “Wing”, “Wire”, “Sopranos” and “6FU” though…

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