Savior Reid

Two thoughts about today’s closed-door session in the Senate.

One, doesn’t the idea that the full Senate can meet in secret seem odd? I find any session of Congress that’s closed off from the public it (supposedly) serves to be troubling, save perhaps for the Intelligence Committee. Yet Rule 21 says that any Senator can move for a closed session and all it takes is a second. Strange.

Two, check out this photo:
Senator Reid at press conference

This Getty Images shot (by Mark Wilson, taken from an MSNBC article) of Harry Reid fascinates me. First, check out the lighting. That’s not a fill flash, it’s probably television camera lighting. Notice how it feathers nicely on the edges, making Reid almost glow. Next look at the angle. Wilson must have crouched down and shot upwards, which would make it all the more unlikely that he could get eye contact with the Senator — but he nailed that too. The touch that really makes it, though, is the ceiling. We’re looking up at a glowing senator who has… a halo.

I wonder if Reid will save us.

Fun trivia bit: in the 1980s, when then-A.G. Edwin Meese released a report on pornography, photographers at the event immediately dove to the ground, eager to get the bared breast of the famous Lady Justice statue in the frame.

4 Responses to “Savior Reid”

  1. b Says:

    Yeah, Savior Reid, the pro-life, anti-gay, formerly-Jewish converted Mormon and his smirking disciples are here to save us all.

  2. jsp Says:

    Ouch, that’s what I get for trying to come up with clever titles on deadline. (I was trying to do some sort of play on silent session and photos that speak volumes, but it wasn’t working, so I went with the replacement for “Senator”.)

    Yeah, to say he will “save” us is of course terribly unlikely, but at least somebody is making an effort to examine the bullshit rationale for this sham war.

    P.S. I didn’t know those parts of his bio. Troubling, to say the least.

  3. Simon Says:

    My my… It seems to be anyone in US politics you have to be a candidate for as many right wing issues and odd religious ideals as possible.

    Personally I think they should abolish your govt. and just call it ‘The Board’ of USA Plc, thats all it really is.

    And after that random debate grenade, I shall vanish…

  4. jsp Says:

    OK, first small detail, we don’t have Plc, we have Inc., L.L.C., Ltd. or Corp.

    That said, I think it would probably go down in such a way as to make the government a public company, e.g. U.S.A. Inc., and then they’d sell shares. Rather than bother with the one citizen, one vote concept, they’d then implement a voting system based upon number of shares owned, the Congress would declare themselves a massive Board of Directors, award themselves big bonuses, and generally start running roughshod on any non- or minority shareholders.

    Or in other words, a lot like it is now.

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