Americans For… Riiiiiiight

Ahhh, the joys of being an Iowan. By dint of our early caucus, we’re given the chance to be bombarded with political messages that other states may never see.

Obviously, this tends to take place before major elections, which is why my jaw dropped tonight when our ABC affiliate aired an ad to “draft” a 2008 presidential candidate. Yes, more than three years in advance of the election, a 527 is airing ads to drum up support for… Condoleeza Rice.

That’s right, a group called Americans for Rice has purchased airtime in New Hampshire and Iowa for their cheesy ad with a couple discussing Condi over lemonade.

I just don’t have the words.

4 Responses to “Americans For… Riiiiiiight”

  1. john Says:




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  3. JC Says:

    They should feature Condoleeza riding on the prow of the oil tanker that bears her name Titanic style with GWB playing Leo. ‘Don’t let me go George!’ ‘Can I draw you Connie?’ Now that would be a quality ad.

  4. jsp Says:

    Wow, I love the idea of referring to the oil tanker. I forgot about that! It’s practically an attack ad that writes itself…

    In other news, check out this badass photo of her (from here.)

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