New Rule: No Chili Before Bedtime

I know dreams are only interesting to the person who had them, but I felt like sharing this one all the same:

In the dream, my cousin Trisha has come to spend the night at my house. In that way you just know things in dreams, I’m aware that she was the original designer for Motorola’s RAZR cellular phone, just as I’m sure that the squirrels are pissed that she stole the idea from them. Thus, they send a fat, leprechaun-sized giant squirrel as an enforcer to come get her. As I’m swinging a full-sized ironing board to fend off the bushy-tailed intruder, Trisha sighs, “This happens every time I come here…”

Then I woke up.

2 Responses to “New Rule: No Chili Before Bedtime”

  1. b Says:

    Is she hot?

  2. jsp Says:

    She’s dreamy!

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