In a time when national politicians are so staged-managed that some are analyzing the President’s fidgeting and teeth-grinding for meaning, it can be refreshing to return to local leader for a bit of color.

Take our mayoral race, which featured a primary yesterday. Out of four candidates, three of whom had been involved in local politics in the past, the electorate chose the fresh face by an astonishing margin: the winner collected more votes than the other three players combined.

But blah blah, democracy at work. The part that I enjoy is when the paper asked our mayor, a distanct second in votes, how he felt about the race. Rather than subject us all to some generic babble about a tough contest, the democratic process, and all that, our mayor tipped his hat to the front-runner with just three words: “He smoked me.”

That he did, mayor. That he did.

2 Responses to “Smokin’”

  1. Joel Says:

    If that was the primary, who does the brash new contender face in the general election? Or will he do battle with the incumbant Smoked “Smoky” Mayor?

  2. jsp Says:

    Yeah, it’s the top two, so it’s the New Guy vs. Mayor Smoky.

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