Tucked away in an otherwise boring newspaper story (“Among straight brothers, gay student finds a home“) is this lovely nugget (emphasis mine):

“There were a couple of members who did have reservations about it back at the beginning,” said Ben Larson, a Teke and a seventh-year senior in civil engineering. “But now, nobody does.”

Ahh, Ben Larson, good for you. Personally, I spent 5 years on my degree*. When people who graduated in four (such as my brother and sister, overarchievers) or the truly insane, those who graduated in less, harp on about how they finished college right on time blahblah, I just gaze at them and shake my head.

Then I beckon them closer and say “Yes, yes, congratulations. You hustled your way out of the only place on earth where 12 hours a week is considered full-time.”

* Technically I spent more than 5 years in college. I got my B.S in 5., then later went back for a B.A. in a different major, then switched to an M.S., then got bored of grad school and fucked off to Australia.

4 Responses to “Seven”

  1. john Says:

    ahem. that would be why it took me 8 years… 😉

    (well, technically 6. there were 2 years in there where i just said “frig it” about school and worked full-time)

  2. awarren Says:

    Oh dear. Lets just not count.

  3. Favorite Sister Says:

    Some of us got out of school in four years, decided that we did not have enough fun and wanted to go back and live those glory days. How sad it all seems now…
    Oh, well turns out grad school is not as much fun as undergrad and the whole being broke thing TOTALLY sucks. I wonder how you and Jeff are gonna handle Law School? At least you could both be roommates.

  4. Joel Says:

    Law School?!? John, you’ve gotta post more often, especially on your personal web site. Jennifer (apologies if I misspelled your name, or got it wrong), please keep the dishy jsp gossip coming! And incidentally, best of luck to your grad-school-thing.

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