Is There a “Slow Down”, Too?

I was just poking around in VLC‘s advanced options, and I found this panel (excerpt):

options panel

I love the first two options, as they imply I can ratchet them up and the system will dodge bugs and errors; but the really fun one is that checkbox: “Hurry up.”

I think everything should have that option. On any form, I should be able to check “hurry up” and get faster results. Dry cleaning? Driver’s license? Doctors’ offices?

The possibilities are endless…

One Response to “Is There a “Slow Down”, Too?”

  1. b Says:

    For the record, “hurry up” in this case means skip frames to catch up if decoding gets behind.

    And for the workaround bugs one, you can actually specify which bugs you want it to work around. How flexible of them.

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