A History of Ignorance

Caught a couple of flicks today, and in both I ended up sharing a row with a parent and a cute little blond girl of around 6. For the first film (March of the Penguins), this was to be expected. For the second, however, my flabber was gasted at the sight of a young child. I know the rating system is pretty hokey, but what part of an R-rated film called A History of Violence makes one think it’s appropriate for a little kid?

I don’t think you’d even need to know more than that (although the poster with the big gun would be another clue) to realize it’s a movie for “grown-ups.”

7 Responses to “A History of Ignorance”

  1. Joel Says:

    Did she like it?

  2. jsp Says:

    Actually the woman took her out into the hall about 15 minutes before the ending. So she was probably all “damnit, I wanted to see that!”

  3. awarren Says:

    Speaking of ‘A History of Violence’, I’ve got a long history of hating William Hurt. I didn’t like him in ‘Children of a Lesser God’. I hated him in ‘Accidnental Tourist’. And he positively ruined ‘Broadcast News’. Maybe it was his whiny voice or his attitude or his looks or something but I never liked him.

    Then he sort of went away for a while.

    And (in my limited viewpoint) “showed back up” in M. Night’s ‘The Village’, and he was *GREAT* in it! What happened? Did he just need to disappear for 15 years or what? Does the “old fella” role suit him more?

    Was he good in this?

    Secondly, according to imdb, he’s back in a big way; four very recent projects out, four more in the works.

  4. jsp Says:

    I still haven’t seen The Village, as I’m hearing mixed reviews (D: I liked it! T: Don’t bother!) so I can’t compare his performance there. I will say that I didn’t even know he was in it, and you first encounter him as a voice on the phone, so I’m thinking I know that voice, who is it…

    As I think of it, his character was pretty good for the relatively short time he was on-screen. I did desperately want to hold him down and shave the chin-pubes though.

  5. awarren Says:


  6. Simon Says:

    The Village is an interesting idea. Mainly its a reasonable film because Joachim Pheonix is in it and he is an actor who exudes class.

  7. Favorite Sister Says:

    I don’t get why parents do this sort of thing. I bet that the parents thought that it was a karate movie and the six year old would like it. Then when they tried to make her leave since they realized it was bad, she refused to go. Damn stubborn kids. Can you believe them?

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