End of My Journeys

Well, I had a good birthday weekend (and thanks for the well-wishing) though two events, both Internet-related, left me scratching my head.

The first occurred on Saturday, when I awoke to learn my Internet connection seemed to be down. Naturally, the night before I had been uploading some huge files, so this caused me to curse. I cursed even more when, through the help of a support tech, I traced the problem to a fried cable modem. I knew it was raining, but not that hard…

Since, cleverly, I had decided the best bet was to buy and not rent the cable modem, this meant that even if a service call was possible (it wasn’t; our local CableCo doesn’t field weekend techs) they weren’t going to repair something that wasn’t theirs.

Fortunately, our local office supply store had an acceptable (albeit overpriced) substitute, and I made the switch and was once again connected. I didn’t suffer the effects of full withdrawal, thankfully.

Then on Sunday I noted the next odd turn of events: somebody snapped up JSPJourneys. In a lapse, I’d missed the renewal date for my travel site’s domain, and some dude from Tempe, AZ grabbed it the moment it expired.

It’s a spectacularly odd move, in my view, because that address, unlike this one, is hardly valuable except to those who wanted to follow my adventures in Oz (since merged into my travel category.) Even odder is that, if I’m reading the dates correctly, someone actually back-ordered the domain when I owned it. Very weird. My best guess is that with domain names as incredibly cheap as they are right now, even a tiny amount of established traffic is enough to slap up a link-farm.

I don’t know. Like I said, odd.

2 Responses to “End of My Journeys”

  1. moogsyqueefbone Says:

    of course, i clicked the link, providing that aforementioned traffic.
    DAMMIT! luckily the new site isn’t up and running yet.

  2. b Says:

    Well, you could use JSPJaunts.com or JSPJunkets.com…

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