Citi Tanks

I was e-mailed my credit card statement the other day, so I fired up the Web browser to pay it online. (Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I wrote a check. Years and years.) Anyway, I clicked “Make a Payment” and got this:

Citi online payment screen

Now, this statement is due next month, which is of course October. Yet for some bizarre reason, the first suggested day for my payment to take effect was January, 2007. Not relishing the prospect of 14 months of late fees, I clicked the little calendar icon and was rewarded with a pop-up suggesting I might like January, 2005. (Now that I could use — imagine being able to wipe out interest charges by just backdating your payment!)

The thing that really confuses me is the fact that just a portion of the days are hyperlinks. “Yes,” the system seems to say, “you can have this payment post 8 months ago, but not before January 20th!” Really makes you confident in their skill at handling electronic money transfers, doesn’t it?

Seems somebody at Citi should spend a lot less time policing passwords and a lot more time fixing bugs.

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