Mountain Tops

Well, the Venice Film Festival gave Brokeback Mountain the “Golden Lion”, its award for best film. If there was any doubt I’d be seeing it (there wasn’t), that takes care of that. They don’t seem to have an official site at the moment, so right now the best place to see the trailer is at Yahoo!.

Another film I’ve been tracking recently also did very well at Venice, winning the screenplay award: George Clooney’s Good Night, And Good Luck. This film, about Edward R. Murrow’s decision to face down Senator Joe McCarthy (R-Wis., 1947-1957) seems like it could hardly come at a better time.

Just watching the open sequence on Good Night‘s official site makes me wish there was more of that kind of thinking on television (okay, everywhere) today.

Clooney seems to feel the same way, for the trailer (and the official site) ends with a URL: That site, currently unfinished, opens with the same animation, but then uses the film as a springboard to promote citizen journalism. Seems this — like the films themselves — might be worth following.

Update [Mon 1:05a]: Cousin Josh found Brokeback‘s official site at, though it’s just a placeholder for now. Thanks for the tip, Josh.

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