Getting Defensive

The U.S. military continues its effort to streamline operations, with panels evaluating the closing and consolidation of bases and other facilities.

Apparently, there’s plenty to cut. I wouldn’t know. I can’t claim to know too much about military effectiveness, having gleaned most of my knowledge from reading Tom Clancy and Jane’s as a teen.

I do know a little something about English, and that’s what has me worried. Consider this:

Endorsing the Pentagon’s vision of streamlining support services across the armed forces, the commission also signed off on most recommendations to merge several education, medical and training programs. The Defense Department calls this “jointness” — the services combining their strengths, rather than working separately, to save money and promote efficiency.

Jointness? Somebody needs to get these people a copy of the bullfighter’s guide. What exactly is wrong with “merger”, “cooperation”, “coordination”, “consolidation”, “teamwork”, etc. that inspires the creation of new bullshit words? Answer: everybody wants to maintain their branches and fiefdoms. Which is human nature, to a degree. I just hope they all can spend more time fighting real wars, as opposed to turf wars.

3 Responses to “Getting Defensive”

  1. The Chic Mr. Pech Says:

    I don’t know, I’m pretty sure I’d rather have them fighting bullshit turf wars, than bullshit real wars. The casualties are less severe, and don’t help terrorist recruitment efforts so much.

  2. jsp Says:

    Yes, you’re quite right. I should have said “…more time preparing” to fight real wars, possibly also emphasizing the “real”, as opposed to sham.

    Also, please tell me your title du jour isn’t a play on “sheik.”

  3. Simon Says:

    Isn’t US Military spending like a gazillion quadrillion dollars anyway. I doubt sharing a few classrooms is going to make any noticable difference.

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