What Happens at 10:43?

Bought some milk today. Brought it home and noticed the expiration date was unusually specific:

Gallon of milk close-up, with printed expiration Aug 22 1042 AM

The other gallon was similar. That’s the first time I’ve seen an expiration that includes a time as well.

I’m thinking it probably doubles as a way to trace the manufacturing lot backwards. That, or it’s just some really precise milk.

3 Responses to “What Happens at 10:43?”

  1. JLP Says:


  2. Joel Says:

    Or 1042 AM is this year, rendered in a calendar too obscure for the milk-guzzling sheeple. What fun things in history happened in 0 AM, or 963 AD? Nothing cool was happening in Europe, besides the rotting of the Carolingian empire and a few Viking attacks*. The Song dynasty was just kicking off in China. But there weren’t any really interesting clashes of civilizations at that time. Nor were there any really cool people born around then. So we have to assume that this calendar is based on a secret event, known only to some milky aristocracy who has long dwelt in the shadows and is just now secure enough to reveal clues of their existence. Welcome to the Anno Milki, sip upon the nectar of the mammal. Fear the power of the Dairy Council. Only through their intervention will we survive the wholeMilkolypse.

    I’m thirsty. Hope my milk is still good.


    PS to jsp: This is why I don’t have a blog.

    *Fine. Yes. King Otto kicked a lot of Hungarian ass. Granted. I’ll even call him Otto the Great. But I doubt he had much to do with the milk conspiracy, that’s all.

  3. moogsyqueefbone Says:

    i note that it’s still the pink milk…

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