Mommy, Mommy! Can We Have a Frank, Open Discussion About Sex?

Redbox is a self-serve DVD kiosk offering around 50 popular films. The service, wholly-owned by McDonald’s, promises to revolutionize video rental with $1/night rates and the ability to drop off a title at any Redbox location (even in another city.)

We’ll see if the service succeeds, but I for one think they’re already breaking new ground on their home page:

Kids and mom point to 'Kinsey' cover in Redbox kiosk
Cropped from

They’ve blurred it ever so slightly to be modest, but it’s obvious what they’re all pointing at:

cover of 'Kinsey' DVD

Yep, I reckon the kids are pointing at the word “sexually”, no doubt saying “C’mon, don’t you think we’ve outgrown that birds and bees crap?”

On a related note, I wonder if these boxes might serve as a back door for teens to get easy access to R-rated films. It’s an open secret that the MPAA ratings board “has taken a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil approach to the video marketplace.”

Perhaps those teens who aren’t blessed with the hip, happening Mom that little Johnny and Sue here have can just rent it themselves. Once they’re old enough for a debit card, of course.

Update [17:11]: From the FAQ: “Do I need to be 18 or older to rent DVD’s from Redbox Automated DVD Rental? That is affirmative.” Riiiiiiight. Just like cigarette machines. (Although I haven’t seen one of those in ages…)

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  1. debski Says:

    what dija think of “Ordinary People?” it made me cry and want to go to walker brothers pancake restaurant in wilmette…cigarette machines rock! although smoking does not.

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